AERO First Online Radio Certified Directory in Spain

AERO, the Spanish Online Radio Association, will certify the streaming and hosting data from all online radios and podcasters with audience at Spain, and will publish on December 2016 the first Certified Directory of Online Radio.


From the smallest to the biggest, pure online or simulcasting, broadcasting from Spain or from any other country. All the radio stations or podcasters across Internet with audience in Spain will have now the option to certify their streaming or hosting information, with the objective of acquiring advertising support, and with a basic aim: the visibility of the radio online.

Next December there will be spread the Directory of the Online Radio, elaborated by the Spanish Association of Online Radio. Thus, this Association will also adopt the role of an agency of Certification, an indispensable figure to guarantee the success of the Online Radio, whose supports and answers of their audience were unknown.

This way, AERO calls for national and international podcasters, as well as for all the agencies with audience in Spain, to taking part of the First Directory of the Radio Online, a great project of Homologation.

For it, it is indispensable to fulfil the Participation Bases. Also, the Request of Homologation can be sent from now on. On the other hand, the streaming or hosting information should be delivered from November 1st to 15th and it will have to correspond with the information of streaming or hosting of October. In this period up to the same publication, the information will be processed and confirmed.

The operation includes a few costs established proportionally to the audience of the operator, understood good that AERO lacks zeal of profit, and that only it chases to cover the expenses originated by the certification.

The document with the final homologation will be downloadable from the web from the moment of his publication. The radios participating and homologated podcasts will receive in turn a Certificate of their Audience, signed and sealed, and will be able to use the stamp supplied in digital format ” Online Certified Audiences by AERO “.