AERO Certifies Radio Online and Podcasters Data and Publishes the First Online Directory in Spain

Madrid, 23th of June, 2017

AERO, the Spanish Online Radio Association has launched its First Online radio Directory in Spain, which collects almost 1.000 entities, and highlights the first ones that have been certified by AERO at the first publication.
The official presentation was at an Event organized by AERO titled as “Online Radio in Dialogue”, which took place the past 14th of June in Madrid, the First Online Radio Directory was launched, considering the data of almost 1000 entities, conformed by radio stations, content platforms and aggregators.

The First Online Radio Directory in Spain is the result of an investigation, analysis, recompilation and contrast of the entities data, with listeners in Spain, regardless the entity geographical origin. It incorporates almost a thousand entities and it is as a necessary tool to the market, borned with the objective of being developed and in permanent actualization and utility for all who wish to know the map and the who is who on the online radio in Spain.
This important document has been prologued by the prestigious Luismi Pedrero, Communication teacher in the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, who had also done a master presentation during the First Online Radio Directory event, regarding the state of the radio, and an extense explanation about technology and user habits.
The Directory is available for its download in the association website:
Elisa Escobedo, President of AERO, was in charge of introducing the Directory, one of the two tools that developed the Association in order to boost the online radio to a better monetization. This initiative is processed by collecting all the radios and entities with its URL data, emails, contact data and phone numbers, definitely, accurate data contrasted one by one with these entities. The first radios with AERO Certified audiences are also highlighted at the Directory.

The AERO Certification, the second and in fact the most powerful online radio and podcast tool, built to provide reliable, homologated and contrasted streaming and hosting data, which allows certified entities to count on an AERO Certificate. The Document shows the number of unique users, listening hours and podcast downloads, all of them with data related to Spain and the rest of the world. The certified entities also count on a quality seal that distinguish them as “Audience Certified by AERO” and that may be used at websites, mobile apps and commercial documentation.

Elisa Escobedo highlights the pricing for the certification, built under the AERO criteria as a nonprofit entity, to make it possible to benefit all the sector, and to be universally used, regardless of the size of the project, even at a fragmented market. The costs are aimed to cover the certification costs and to keep working on the impulse of the online radio, and there is no need to change any streaming o hosting provider.

Besides, the President encourages both agencies and advertisers to appreciate the rigor related to the data managed in the Association, so as to guarantee the reliability on the homologation of entities certified by AERO. The objective for them is to provide the validation of the reach that entities with certified audiences have, to value advertising accordingly.
It is finally possible to work the online audio from the streaming and hosting data, which is a correct methodology to consider the impact of the online audio. This methodology does not exist in any other official measurement, and all the agencies, advertisers and the rest of the official measurers are invited to the dialogue and consensus.

The presentation took place in an event at which two dialogues were presented, in a round table format. The first, “Towards the eternal radio – Building the new radio”, was about the state of radio adoption of recent technologies, the expansion of car audio and the connected house with interactive speakers, the considerations about the visual fact in an audio medium, and about the concrete development and adaptability activities that are aimed to adapt ourselves to the new reality and the applications built for the new generations of listeners.

The round table counted on the participation of relevant people such as Miguel Angel Fernández Sánchez, Director of Radio News and Responsible of Multimedia Content in RTVA, Alex García Amat, Content Director in Radio Gladys Palmera, Francisco Izuzquiza, podcaster in SpainMedia Radio and Juan Ignacio Solera, founder of Ivoox, moderated by José María García Lastra, vice president of AERO and Business Development Director in Cristaliza.

The second dialogue “Online Audio, the new entity in digital publicity” was about aspects related to the advertising purchase of online audio, considering its advantages, actual situation, applied and specific creativity and its development, all at the round table were unanimous about the long path of use of online audio. The round table, moderated by Raúl Domingo de Blas, CEO in Know Media and vocal of AERO, counted also on the presence of Josep Maria Llop, responsible of Co-Marketing at Atrápalo, Álvaro Morales, Head of Digital in Carat, Córdoba Ruíz, CEO of Grupo Entusiasmo and President of the Audio Comission in IAB, and finally Gonzalo Sánchez-Taíz, Director in McCann.

The event counted on the sponsorship of Audioemotion and the assignment of the space by Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

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